To own a piece of Nighthorse Jewelry is to own a piece of history.
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Northern Cheyenne artist Ben Nighthorse has created beautiful, award-winning jewelry. Ben’s father gave him the tools to follow in his footsteps but design was something Ben came by naturally.

After serving in the United States Air Force, Ben moved to Tokyo to train for the 1964 Olympic games, where he captained the U.S. Olympic Judo Team. In Japan, he learned techniques for laminating metals from a Samurai sword maker. These techniques can be seen in his jewelry work today.

When Ben returned to the states, his recently acquired skills and unique style really began to emerge. Ben’s commitment to using the finest precious and semi-precious gemstones, 18 karat gold and sterling silver exemplifies his dedication to establishing the highest standards of his craft. Consequently, his fame as a jeweler spread nation-wide.

He has gone on to lead a life where his experiences are reflected in his creations, and in his pursuit to serve his country further. Ben’s lengthy tenure in the U.S. Congress and as a U.S. Senator far exceeded any previous native American with national leadership experience. His achievements as a leader in government parallel his efforts in jewelry, breaking barriers and opening doors for greater understanding, truth and beauty. Ever since and to this day, he fosters the same care for his artistic creations as he does for his country.

While in his studio and on their ranch in southern Colorado, he and his wife Linda, enjoy their horses. His love of horses and animals have inspired him to create new, innovative jewelry designs. Ben's Northern Cheyenne heritage provides inspiration and the spiritual power inherent in those animals to help transform his creations.

The gift that is Ben Nighthorse’s extraordinary talent has been shared with countless individuals and collectors including five Presidents of the United States, and many celebrities and admirers of fine jewelry design around the world. We invite you to explore the color, design, quality craftsmanship and American history through Ben's jewelry. You will soon be moved to start or add to your own collection of Nighthorse.

Ben Nighthorse My father taught me how to use a few tools, but design cannot be taught.
– Ben Nighthorse